What is TIDAL?


TIDAL is an artist-owned global music streaming and entertainment platform that brings artists and fans closer together through unique original content and exclusive experiences.

TIDAL is available in 53 countries, and we have over 60 million songs and over 250,000 high-quality videos in our catalog, offering passionate music fans both a premium and high-fidelity sound quality, along with original video series; podcasts; thousands of playlists curated by industry experts, music journalists, and artists; exclusive content; and unique experiences.

TIDAL has the commitment of artist-owners who believe in creating a more sustainable and practical model for the music industry. The artist-owners are Alicia Keys, Arcade Fire (Win Butler and Regine Chassagne), Beyoncé, Calvin Harris, Claudia Leitte, Clifford “T.I.” Harris, Coldplay, Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Jack White, Jason Aldean, J. Cole, Kanye West, Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Shawn “JAY Z” Carter, Damian Marley, Indochine, Lil Wayne, and Usher.

How does TIDAL benefit fans?

TIDAL brings music fans closer to their favorite artists and gives on-demand access to discover new music from our massive music and video catalog. TIDAL's extensive catalog is supplemented by exclusive content, including exclusive songs, albums, and videos featuring the world's top musicians, athletes, entertainers and up-and-coming independent artists. We offer not only access to exclusive digital content, but also the ability to participate in unique real-life experiences, such as concerts with established or emerging artists, and other direct interactions between fans and their favorite artists. Human curation is an important part of what we do at TIDAL, and we have an expert group of tastemakers to help select and promote emerging artists to a broader audience via our TIDAL Rising program. We also provide a choice of both premium and HiFi music quality that enables fans to experience music as the artists intended it to be heard.

TIDAL programs


TIDAL X is a program that connects artists directly with fans by giving them a platform to engage in unique ways, including one-of-a-kind live shows, events, artist meet & greets, and concert tickets for TIDAL members to enjoy. With TIDAL’s commitment to help artists interact with their fans in new ways, the possibilities are endless for what we can offer fans. TIDAL X experiences showcase and support artists of all levels, from established artists to emerging talent.

Fan interactions and geographic data from TIDAL enable TIDAL X events to be targeted to offer compelling experiences for true fans. Examples include:

  • The Fenty by Rihanna runway show in Paris was streamed live for TIDAL members, a selection of whom were also granted access to attend the exclusive event.
  • Chance The Rapper’s Magnificent Coloring Day music festival was streamed live, offering TIDAL members the chance to see performances from artists such as Young Thug, Alicia Keys, and Chance himself.
  • Over 1,500 TIDAL members were invited to JAY Z and Beyoncé’s 10/15 and 10/20 charity concerts at the Barclays Center, where the two stars performed alongside Ms. Lauryn Hill, Nicki Minaj, Common, Usher, and countless other special guests.
  • Over 500 TIDAL members were given the opportunity to attend Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 3 and Season 4 fashion shows in New York. Both events were also streamed live for TIDAL members around the world.
  • A TIDAL X show celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Rick Ross’ 2006 debut album Port of Miami opened its doors to 3000 TIDAL members; the concert was also streamed live for all TIDAL members.
  • DJ Mustard's TIDAL-exclusive documentary "For Every 12 Hours" not only immersed fans in the come-up and daily activities of the go-to hitmaker, but brought select TIDAL members to a private screening and Q&A in Los Angeles hosted by DJ Mustard.
  • For the release of Usher's ‘Hard II Love’ album, TIDAL invited over 500 Usher streamers to an exclusive listening party in Los Angeles.
  • At TIDAL X: Blood Orange, select Blood Orange fans were given free tickets to his Los Angeles concert, where he performed his most beloved songs and his acclaimed 2016 album ‘Freetown Sound’ in its entirety.
  • In addition to being the exclusive home for the deluxe edition of Bon Jovi's ‘This House is Not for Sale’, TIDAL hosted live and intimate listening parties for over 1000 members in London, Toronto, New Jersey, and New York City, which we also livestreamed.
  • For Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas’ co-headlining ‘Future Now Tour’, TIDAL hosted ticket giveaways that supplied fans with over 500 tickets to shows all over America.
TIDAL Rising

TIDAL Rising is a program dedicated to artists from around the globe who have passionate fan bases and are ready to reach a wider audience with their music.

On an ongoing basis TIDAL curates and features a select group of artists across genres from around the world, with support from our artist & label relations, editorial, marketing, promotions, public relations, and social media teams, to introduce fans to vibrant and dynamic music they may have otherwise missed.

TIDAL Rising artists can leverage the following benefits:

  • Prominent Placement On TIDAL - Any album or single release, video content piece, or playlist or editorial content piece will be featured on the TIDAL front page and be allotted a slot in the “What’s New” section, the most visited placement area on TIDAL.
  • Press Photos - Fully-funded and produced professional photo shoots for artists to create incredible high-resolution images.
  • Public Relations Support - PR team will provide support to ensure strong rollout plans are in place for releases, and will accompany artist to events if needed.
  • Artist Imaging - Provide a professional stylist to help artist with wardrobe, hair, and makeup, as well as other aspects such as media training.
  • Tour Support - This speaks to the core values of artists supporting artists. The premise is simple: TIDAL’s Tour Support is a fund for TIDAL Rising artists that never has to be re-couped or paid back. This may include facilitation of everything from van rentals to equipment rentals to fuel to hotel, and any other needs that may arise for the artist on the road.
  • Music Videos - TIDAL can provide funding and help connect artists with great and established music video directors so that newer artists can create incredible and professional music videos.
  • Custom Editorial And Video Content - Video and editorial features that allow fans to really get an in-depth look at an artist and their musical persona.
  • Live Show Bookings or Premium Show Placements - Valuable opportunities to perform for tastemakers, industry heavyweights, and fans.

At TIDAL, we are invested in the growth and long-term success of artists, as well as making sure they’re heard by as large an audience as possible. This special and carefully designed program cultivates artists in a way that aims to change the paradigm of the music industry and empower those with a voice who deserve to be heard.

Why was TIDAL founded?

Because nothing should get in between fans and artists.

TIDAL was founded with the mission of bringing fans and artists closer together and creating a sustainable industry model that values music and artists. By empowering artists with greater creative control and operating as a majority artist-owned company, TIDAL is uniquely positioned to create more value for fans, and a stronger artist-fan connection.

Music consumption is changing. It is shifting away from purchasing and owning music (via CD sales and downloads) to now accessing music via streaming, without a desire to own physical copies of music. This shift represents an opportunity to create a better experience for fans by empowering artists to share what they want, when and how they want to, directly with their fans. Whether it is through sharing exclusive songs and videos, or live experiences, TIDAL provides something unique.

Because we believe in the next generation of artists.

While we're proud to offer a catalog of over 60 million songs to TIDAL members, we know the experience shouldn't end there for music fans: so TIDAL is actively seeking and building the next generation of emerging artists while helping TIDAL subscribers easily discover new music along the way.

Through TIDAL Rising, we are actively engaging in the marketing and promotion of young, promising talent, including giving them a stage at TIDAL X events – because the future of music is only as bright as the next generation who creates it.

Because diversity in music matters.

We believe in the power of independent artists, and that music should be as diverse as the world of people who listen to it. TIDAL celebrates artist creativity by providing a commercially viable platform to distribute music that isn't always targeted to mainstream distribution outlets. We believe that creating art should not be limited to traditional distribution formulas to drive mass appeal (e.g. shorter song lengths, language constraints), but rather artists’ true intention to create authentic music for their fans.

How does TIDAL benefit artists?

TIDAL believes in valuing music. We are committed to creating a sustainable model for the future of the music industry, which includes maintaining value for music, respecting creativity, and encouraging the active participation of artists. A more sustainable and equitable model for artists, producers, and songwriters that includes paying more for streaming, can help incentivize support for streaming and create new ways to ensure music maintains its value . We support full transparency to better educate consumers and stakeholders, and encourage all music industry stakeholders to embrace open communication about the cost of their services.

Our artist-owners developed our model so that TIDAL pays the highest ratio of royalties vs. revenues to music creators of any streaming service, and equal rates are paid to artists regardless of whether they're signed to a major label, an indie label, or not signed to a label at all.

TIDAL believes in the value of music and the contributions of all artists. We provide the highest compensation to artists and are consistent in our approach regardless of whether an artist is on a major label or independent. While other services compensate independent rights owners less than major labels, TIDAL pays all major and independent labels and rights owners equally. TIDAL also does not pay the labels any fees that are not disclosed.

Where do my monthly subscription fees go?

Premium HiFi $9.99 $19.99 Web/Android Credit Card* $0.50 $0.50 $1.20 $12.50 $5.30 $2.30 $6.20 $0.60 $0.50 $0.40 Web/Android Credit Card*
  • Payment processing fees to credit card and online payment providers
  • Rightholder's fee:
    Music reproduction rights
  • Rightholder's fee:
    Performance rights
  • Master recording royalties
  • Gross profit to fund required IT-maintenance and development costs alongside additional operating expenses

As seen in the chart above, the $9.99 Premium and $19.99 HiFi monthly subscription fees go toward paying royalties for master recordings, copyrights, and various other royalties, as well as to credit card payment fees and to fund operating expenses. Operating expenses are paid from gross profit, including staff, office space, and content hosting costs.

Premium HiFi $12.99 $25.99 iOS App Store Apple Billing** $7.80 $0.50 $1.60 $12.50 $3.60 $1.50 $6.20 $0.80 $0.50 $3.90 iOS App Store Apple Billing**
  • Payment processing fees to credit card and online payment providers
  • Rightholder's fee:
    Music reproduction rights
  • Rightholder's fee:
    Performance rights
  • Master recording royalties
  • Gross profit to fund required IT-maintenance and development costs alongside additional operating expenses

As with other platforms, in some instances, what fans pay for include fees charged by third parties that are out of our control. For example, when someone subscribes to TIDAL via the iPhone app, Apple charges a 30% administrative fee. Similar to other apps, this is why TIDAL prices are higher within the app store ($12.99 and $25.99 if subscribed to in-app, versus the lower cost of $9.99 and $19.99 if subscribed to via TIDAL.com.)

There are a number of variables that impact an artist's royalty payments, including the following:

  • Location from which people are streaming an artist's music
  • TIDAL's total number of paying subscribers
  • Relative premium pricing and currency value in different countries
  • An artist's royalty rate with his/her label

How does TIDAL generate revenues?

TIDAL generates revenues by charging users a subscription fee. TIDAL currently has 2 subscriptions tiers (and a subscriber can try either with a 30-day free trial).

Premium for $9.99 / month

For $9.99 per month, TIDAL's Premium tier gives users unlimited music across multiple devices including smartphones, computers, and tablets, as well as access to exclusive TIDAL X events. TIDAL Premium subscribers can also create playlists and download songs to their devices for offline listening – all without intrusive advertisements.

HiFi for $19.99 / month

TIDAL's HiFi tier gives subscribers all the same great content and experiences as a Premium subscription, except music is delivered in lossless, CD and Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) quality (1411 kbps vs. 320 kbps for standard streaming).

HiFi streaming delivers an uncompressed sound file, which means that you can hear every instrument and every note – as the artist intended. This tier costs $19.99 per month.

Sound Quality Chart
Premium HiFi KBS 1500 1200 900 600 300
Discount program for students

TIDAL offers a special discount program for students, in order to provide access to both our tiers at affordable prices. Students benefit from a 50% discount on our subscription tiers.

Discount program for families

TIDAL offers a special discount program for families, in order to provide affordable access to all family members who want to enjoy their own favorite music. Each additional family member is offered a 50% discount on both subscription tiers. The family package is limited to 5 members.

Discount program for US military

TIDAL offers a special discount program for owners of a military ID in the US. All eligible users will benefit from a 50% discount on both our subscription tiers.

Where is TIDAL available?

TIDAL is currently available in 53 countries, with plans for further international expansion soon! As we continue to grow, we'll be able to deliver more great content and TIDAL X events for our subscribers, as well as continue to contribute to the health of the music industry by growing the amount of royalties we pay to music creators.

TIDAL Availability World Map

Available countries