My Mix is a personalized curation of songs that offers an easy way to enjoy more of the music you love.

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How does it work?

My Mix is personalized to your specific listening habits. No need to hunt through everything available to find something you might like. Our expert algorithm leverages TIDAL's library to create the perfect mix for you based on your most recent listening patterns and what’s saved to your collection.

Mixes will change gradually based on your activity. We will include your latest favorites and add the tracks with similar vibes.

Enjoy a variety of different music genres? We got you. My Mix features up to six different curations based on the styles of music you stream.

You can save it as a playlist in your collection and listen to it on-demand.

My Mix features some of your go-to songs as well as new recommendations based on artists and genres you love. From new releases by artists on the rise to the cuts you never get enough of, My Mix will keep you streaming all day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is My Mix featured? How do you listen to it?

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How many mixes will I receive?

Can I save one of my mixes?

If you are new to TIDAL what will show for this function?