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Enjoy master-quality audio with your HiFi membership.

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What is TIDAL Masters?

In partnership with MQA, we’re bringing you the ultimate audio experience. With your TIDAL HiFi membership, listen to thousands of master-quality songs on your iOS or Android device, and through your TIDAL desktop app.

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Master-quality is available with a HiFi membership on iOS or Android devices, the TIDAL desktop app, and connected devices.


Do you have the iOS, Android or TIDAL Desktop app installed?

Master-quality audio is currently only available through these apps.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is TIDAL Masters?

How can I listen to TIDAL Masters (master-quality recordings)?

How do I upgrade from TIDAL Premium to a TIDAL HiFi subscription?

What will it cost?

How much music is available in TIDAL Masters?